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Name:Charlotte Blaine
Birthdate:Aug 29
Location:United States of America
Charlotte Blaine, our hero!
Charlotte Blaine is an international woman of mystery. She comes from a wealthy and influential family with ties to both organized crime and centuries old occult societies. When she reached the age of majority she rejected them and struck out on her own, working her way through college and graduate school. A lifetime's interest in antiquities led her to museum work and then to a successful career in art appraisal. Now she travels the world and sells her expertise to the highest bidder. On more than on occasion she has discovered items that hold mystical powers. Should she keep those items for herself to protect her from her family or let them stay on the open market?
Okay, just kidding, this is Charlotte.
No, really, Charlie grew up in a well off family that had firm ideas of what her future role in the family would be. When she refused, her only option was to make her own way. She worked her ass off to make a name for herself. Now she does travel the world and sell her expertise to the highest bidder.
The Mun Speaks
Sadly, Peta Wilson doesn't belong to me. If she did, I swear I would take very good care of her. Charlotte Blaine does belong to me, though, and I use her for the good, clean fun of role playing on the interwebs. I'm over 18 and you can expect that adult topics not limited to sex, violence and religion will be discussed here. If you aren't 18--just don't. If you decide to anyway, it's not my problem. You were warned.
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